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Our Lloyds No 1 Review

Having arranged to meet at Lloyds No.1 before heading on to a club, we found ourselves in the unusual situation of having to queue for a Wetherspoon. Given the high intensity of people within the area of The Printworks at 9pm on a Saturday night, it's understandable. Security and organisation have to be meticulous.

What we perhaps were not expecting and not impressed by, is that Lloyds has the tenacity to charge a £2.00 entry fee. If you're a musclebound mate of the door team though, feel free to walk straight in via the exit lane with a hearty slap on the back and no charge. The rest of us find ourselves paying directly for the security, till girl and maybe a DJ, if he's lurking somewhere.

Once inside, we found an overcrowding problem. The Wetherspoon chain's 'pile them high and sell them cheap' philosophy apparently extends to how they treat the clentele. This was at its worst between 10-11pm when our group was constantly jostled, sometimes to the point of our drinks being spilt, and often by girls who looked young enough to be thinking about revising for their GCSEs. Next year.

The saving grace is of course, the cheap drinks. We paid £2.40 for our double spirit with mixer, but of course when the door charge is added, the value is reduced. Perhaps we were paying for the entertainment, although quite how the mainstream, predictable and even ludicrously unfashionable pop oldies could cost any significant outlay is beyond us. Note to whoever decides on the Lloyds No.1 playlist: Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer were not even remotely cool nearly two decades ago when they were new. Not even a heavy dose of irony can rescue them from the pit of poor taste. Introducing a fresh generation of young people to them is a crime.

As it approached midnight, the crowd mercifully thinned out as they wandered to other venues. We decided to join them. Never to return.

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