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Via Fossa

Our Via Fossa Review

Situated in the centre of the Gay Village, Via Fossa looks distinctly wooden and olde world from the outside, but if you can make it past the overly strict door policy you're in for a surprise. The ground floor holds a bar and seating area that runs the whole length of the building. To the right are steps up to another, quite large, seating area, whilst stairs downstairs lead to small bar area. Down the stairs again and you'll reach the club, a low-ceiling and timber frames give this place fantastic atmosphere, and make you feel somewhat sleezy. If you walk to the opposite site of the club you can make your way back up a second set of stairs to another small level, then back to the top. Drinks prices are average, and good quality food is served during the day, but this place is best sampled on busier week-nights and early on a Friday or Saturday, as it becomes too hectic when it fills up. DJs rotate 7 night's a week.

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28-30 Canal Street, Manchester M1 3EZ


(0161) 236 6523