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Bongos Bingo Residency Launches at Albert Hall

Offbeat night offers prizes, celebs and madness

Any suggestions that Tuesday nights are dull and nothing's going on are about to get a kick in the crotch. Bongo's Bingo is relaunching with a weekly residency at Peter Street's prestigous Albert Hall on Tues 17 January, and Tuesdays thereafter.

The show had sold out performances during 2016 in Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester with guests winning everything from big cash prizes to Henry Hoovers and more, plus rave intervals, table dancing and going wild mandatory. Guests with an iconic standing – from David Hasselhoff to Fatman Scoop – have taken centre stage at select special events, along with the team having already taken the mayhem to Creamfields and Parklife, with more festivals to come for 2017.

The merriment is presided over by Jonny Bongo, a larger than life character, holding court over proceedings and conducting the action with verve and aplomb. He holds the honour of the World Record for the biggest ever pub quiz, and gleefully presides over each evening of chaos, calling out numbers, selecting the tunes and inciting plenty of revelry. The promoters say that a night out at Bongo’s Bingo has to be seen to be believed.

Organiser Joshua Burke explains: “We are incredibly happy to be getting stuck back into Manchester again with our weekly residency at the stunning Albert Hall. It’s a fantastic venue and the locals are always amazing fun, we have had some incredible nights there! We all can’t wait to get back – Jonny is chomping at the bit!”

Here're the details:

  • Details:
  • Tuesday 17th January and subsequent Tuesdays
  • Bongo's Bingo @ Albert Hall
  • Jonny Bongo
  • 18.00pm – Not too late
  • £3.00 advance + bf

Tickets are on sale at the Bongo's Bingo site.

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