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For over 7 years Manchester AD has served as a forward-thinking and vital link in Manchester’s promotion chain. Long before Facebook and MySpace appeared on the radar, we were providing a bespoke service for club, bars, events, DJs, brands and services to promote themselves directly to over 12,000 signed up members.

The people we've worked with over the years reads like a who’s who of Manchester’s leading club, bar and event companies. We count amongst our satisfied customers: The Warehouse Project, Sankey’s, Funkademia, One Central Street, Twisted Elegance, Boogaloo, Metropolis and many more.

The recent move from Manchester City Council to clamp down on street level promoting means that if you want to hand out flyers on the street you need to have a licensed permit, which can cost anything upto several hundred pounds and makes flyering without one illegal. These days running a successful business means having a strong online presence and starting at very affordable rates our E-Flyer service is not only good value for money, it has a proven track record.


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We provide a free service to allow you to list your business. This can be enhanced with featured editorial and submissions to our photo galleries.

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At Purple Pussycat we find Manchester AD an invaluable tool for promoting our club nights. At the drop of a hat our nights can be publicised straight into 12,000 people’s inboxes, it gives us that extra edge that printed flyers just can't reach.

— Rachel, Head of Promotions at Purple Pussycat

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